Game Design

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Sample work - Triggered Dialogue & Cutscenes

Newton's Mutant

For this project, Newton’s Mutant, I created character bio sheets, the cutscene script and images. I also voiced Experiment R4863059  and the Alarm system. 

This video was created by Michal Hupka

Ghost Game

For Ghost Game, I created the story behind the game. I created a set of lore documents, the opening cut scene script, the additional lines spoken by the player character, the journal pages, item tool tips with story elements, and the story aspects for future levels. 

As part of a team, we decided the direction we wanted for the game and if there were any game mechanics or items needed to change due to time/build issues, I would adjust the story/narrative pieces to fit the newest version of the game.

This video was created by Michal Hupka

Souls of Summerland

Published to Itch.IO in Feb 2023, check it out here.

Created the story premise and helped find a team to make the idea come to life. As the Narrative lead and a Creative Lead, I wrote cut scenes, dialogue, the story beats, and worked with the team to tell a cohesive story.